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Test de personalité
Results If you have a majority of A Your confidence is a mask you like to wear in order to protect yourself. Do not be scared to trust people, they will not always let you down. You do not need to be always so strong, let yourself be vulnerable. Sometimes asking for help requires strength.

If you have a majority of B You are confident enough to defend yourself if you need to. The people around you respect you because you are funny and trustworthy but they also admire you because you are confident enough to be yourself !

If you have a majority of C You need to work on your self-esteem. Your opinions are just as valuable as anyone else's. You do not need to hide or run. You should stand up for yourself because if you do not respect yourself, nobody else will.
You meet a French man at a party and it's love at first sight: what do you do ?
You go talk to him and ask him for his number !
You ask a friend to introduce you and then you try to seduce him
You wait for him to notice you and come and talk to you
On Christmas eve, your boyfriend plans on taking you out with the guys and drink beer: how do you re
You warn him: if he doesn't cancel his plan, he will be single for New Year's eve
You tell him that you will go but only if the both of you go to your mother's on New Year's eve !
You say yes, after all his friends are not that bad !
Your French boss asks you to come up with new ideas by tomorrow, what do you do ?
You work day and night for this project, you know you can make it !
You try to do your best but if it doesn't work, you plan on telling your boss, he didn't give you en
You start feeling sick, you don't like working under pressure.
You just hired a new assistant who keeps on forgetting to give you your messages, what do you tell t
You start yelling and fire them immediately !
You tell them that you are disappointed.
You let them know that you're not satisfied with their work by shrugging your shoulders
You and your French boyfriend are invited to dinner and one of your colleagues tries to seduce him,
You make a scene by shouting that your colleague used to hit on your boss' husband !
You wink at her, letting her know that if she doesn't back off, she will pay for this later.
You wait the end of the dinner to burst into tears in front of your boyfriend.
When you are telling a story or sharing an anecdote, how do French people usually respond ?
They are afraid to interrupt you so they stay still until you're finished
They listen to you and laugh because they think you're funny !
They didn't even notice someone was talking.
Someone criticizes one of your ideas in front of every staff member, how do you feel ?
You don't let them confuse you, your idea was great, you're certain of it !
You listen to them while they're explaining what is wrong but if you're still convinced afterwards t
You agree with them, your idea is not worth fighting for in front of everybody.
Your French boyfriend always spends his weekends away from you, what do you think ?
You can't take it anymore, if he'd rather spend time alone without you, you'd rather break up !
You talk together about it and you try to make him understand that it would be nice to be together d
This is the way he is, you've known it all along. You are used to it !
You have just been promoted over 15 French men of whom you will be in charge from now on, what do yo
You are a natural-born leader after all, you make them feel comfortable because you know they respec
You ask them to introduce themselves in order to know who you are up against.
You speak in a very deep voice, hoping they are listening to you.
It's Karaoke night ! Your friends won't let you get away with it this time, what do you do ?
You grad the microphone and sing at the top of your lungs. You are already a star !
You go up there a little frightened but you know the lyrics of the song by heart so there shoudn't b
You don't want to go up there by yourself so you ask a friend to sing a duet with you.
Your boss asks you to write and read a speech in front of all the French chairmen of the board, what
You seize the opportunity to tell everyone how you've helped making the company.
You are honored and write about how your boss always gives you a chance to be better.
You panick, you've never been in a room with all the members of the board !
If someone spilled coffee on your shirt right before an important meeting, how would you react ?
You would go to this meeting with your head high, explain the situation but warn everyone that they
You would really be embarrassed but you would also try to make a little joke at your expense.
You would hide in the bathroom and refuse to come out until your shirt is cleaned.
An old flame comes back in your life with a beautiful woman at his arm, what do you do ?
You come up to him and make him regret the day he left you.
You are polite to the both of them but you know that deep down, you are more interesting than her.
You blush the minute you see him and stutter whenever he asks you a question.
You and your boyfriend are invited to spend the weekend at your French boss' summer house where ever
You confess to your boss that you broke the vase but you make him believe that it was not your fault
You confess and take full responsibility for your actions and offer to pay him another crystal vase.
You hide the pieces somewhere safe and pretend you know nothing about the vase.
You are at a meeting and someone asks you a tricky question to which you have no answer, what do you
You respond by asking another question.
You admit you do not have the answer to that question and promise you will investigate and get back
You start sweating, stuttering and decide to storm out of the room and cry.