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Test amour
Results If you have a majority of A: You definitely know how to spice things up in your relationship ! You are confident and up for anything ! You know exactly how to surprise him because you control everything but sometimes, you should let him surprise you…There's no harm in letting him control the situation from time to time.

If you have a majority of B: You are original and it is your biggest strength ! You do not need to make plans in order to surprise your boyfriend because you are one of a kind, you do nothing like everybody else. You are never bored and being with you is never boring, it is an adventure !

If you have a majority of C: You are shy and clumsy. You try your best and your boyfriend knows it. You forget and drop things and people usually laugh at your shortcomings but you are humble enough to laugh with them. It has become part of your charm. To know you is to love you !
In order to spice things up a little for his birthday, you:
Invite him to a very expensive restaurant
You cook him a very sexy meal
You ask your best friend for her idea and use it as if it were your own
Being with your boyfriend everyday and sharing everything :
You hate it !
You don't know what it's like !
Seems good to you.
You know when you are in a good realtionship when :
You have sex 5 times a week.
You are able to share and make your fantasies come true.
You share important details about your past with your partner
Your previous boyfriends used to tell you they would often be surprised by :
How great you are in the sack.
Your imagination
How uncomplicated you are !
Lately, you have noticed your boyfriend was distant :
You pretend to have an affair by leaving little clues around the house in order to make him jealous.
You take him on a very romantic holiday in order to recandle your relationship.
You confide in a friend.
Generally, when you plan a surprise for your boyfriend :
He never knows what to expect with you.
He really did not see it coming.
He expects the worst.
To surprise your boyfriend, what would you be ready to do :
Pretend to be another woman
Change your haircut
Cook him something different.
Your mother-in-law invites you to her cabin in the Alpes. You teel him you want to take care of the
Because at the last minute you are going to change the destination and book a romantic hotel in Lond
To make sure you do not have to stay more than three days.
You completely forgot !! So to make it up to him, you send a big fruit basket to his mother.
Your boyfriend comes home late and tired :
You whisper in his ears that you know the perfect way to relax but he has to get up and follow you i
You offer to massage him.
You let him rest on the couch.
To seduce your boyfriend, what did you do ?
Let him know that you are great in the sack, usually it works.
You made him laugh.
You listened to all his stories and smiled.
You cook him a very romantic meal and tell him that if he wants dessert he has to follow you into th
You are wearing sexy leather panties with a whip.
You are wearing elegant vintage knickers with lace frills, the 50's style underwear.
You are wearing nothing !
He tells you that for the next three weeks he is going to be locked in his office and that you won't
You go to his office very late at night wearing just a cloak and have sex on his desk.
You go see him with a picnic basket and share a delicious meal on the floor of his office.
You send him a love frog that says " I miss you".
He asks you to move in with him, what do you do ?
You kiss him enthusiastically and shout "Yes !!!"
You smile and tell him that you have already found the perfect place !
You say " Is this a joke ?"
You found an engagement ring in his closet :
You wait for him to propose to you but make sure that you look your best day and night for when he f
You put the ring inside his jacket, take him to his favorite place and pop the question yourself !
You feel really nervous and everytime he begins his sentences by " Would you…" you shout " Yes !!"
His birthday is coming up !
You pretend to be mad at him for three weeks and the day of his birthday you take him somewhere nice
You throw him a surprise birthday party with his closest friends.
You forget ! But in order to make him forgive you, you offer him seats to see his favorite singer .